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NRU BelSU opened new research and production units on the eve the Day of the University

NRU BelSU established Experimental and Production Unit at the Pharmacology of Living Systems Research Institute, the Laboratory of Cell Culture at Family Practice Centre and Laboratory of Pharmaceuticals at the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology

The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector Oleg Polukhin, the CEO of OOO Verofarm-Belgorod Stanislav Korsun, scientists and students, top-level management, heads of departments. Addressing the guests with a word of greeting Oleg Polukhin noted that the university has a good tradition to open new infrastructure units that serve to upgrade the facilities and ensure the cutting-edge education.

The new research space will allow training students and doctoral students on a higher level. The products that will be produced at the experimental and production unit will provide for the needs of practical veterinary. This is our input in developing agro-industrial complex in Russia, underlined Oleg Polukhin.

The Director of Pharmacology of Living Systems Research Institute Mikhail Pokrovskiy confessed in his speech that it had been his dream to have an experimental and production unit where he could produce immune immunochromatographic tests. The new unit will enable to generate medications of the 21st century since it is equipped with high-tech facilities. The Director of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology Irina Spichak presenting the Education and Research Complex for Pharmaceuticals noted that it is an input in the practice-oriented education and competitive graduates training who are able to work in pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

This project is an integrated complete cycle for elaboration of composition and technology of solid drugs, quality control, their analysis types and methods, commented Irina Spichak.

The third space the Laboratory of Cell Culture headed by Marina Skorkina was opened at BelSU Family Practice Centre. The Laboratory is aimed at fundamental research in personalised regenerative medicine, oncology, physiology and ageing pathology as well as for developing technology of cell lines culture and synthesis for a wide range of studies. Marina Skorkina told about the goals focused by the researchers and young scholars.

The modern laboratory that avails facilities for cultural studies will serve for the benefit of our projects. One of such projects on development of biomedical products to be successfully utilized for curative purposes in regenerative and anti-ageing medicine, said Marina Skorkina.

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