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BelSU scientists visited Leo Tolstoys Memorial Museum

A research group headed by Professor Pavel Olkhov will work with the specialists of Yasnaya Polyana Museum as part of the study of life and artistic legacy of Nikolay Strakhov

Among the participants of the scientific expedition to Leo Tolstoys Memorial Museum Yasnaya Polyana (Tula region) were the Head of the Centre Intellectual History of Russia and Regional Biographical Studies Professor Pavel Olkhov - the author of the first Post-Doctoral Dissertation on N.N. Strakhovs philosophy, Professor Elena Motovnikova, Associate Professor and the Head of Practical Philosophy Studio, Ekaterina Chistyakova, the Head of the N.N. Strakhov Museum-Library Aleksey Masalov, a Doctoral student Olga Korovina, a Master student Anna Mikhailova and an alumni Valeria Nefedova. The university representatives worked with the museum stock, conducted photo and video shooting of the reserve territory. At the meeting with the administration and scientists of the unique historical centre the perspectives of collaboration between the BelSU group and the museum staff were outlined. The museum representatives were invited to participate in the I International Readings commemorating N.N. Strakhov. The BelSU research group members will participate in scientific events organized to the Memorial Museum of Leo Tolstoy in return.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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