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BelSU was represented at II All Russian Pedagogics Forum

The Forum Pedagogical Education in the Age of A Systemic Transformation of Modern Society became the venue for discussing strategic goals of the Project Education

The biggest scientific event organized by Moscow Pedagogics State University was held via videoconferencing.

The Forum Section Innovative Forms to Support Pedagogical Work by Young Teachers under Interaction between A University and A Secondary School was attended by Ilya Isaev, the Professor of Pedagogics Division of BelSU Institute of Pedagogics, the Laureate of the FR Government Prize winner for Education and Galina Makotrova, the Associate Professor of the Pedagogics Division who presented their reports. The BelSU scholars attracted the colleagues attention to the conditions provided by the university to implement innovative forms of scientific mentorship for young teachers. Among those are development of new Master programs for young teachers, establishing a research and education pedagogical and psychological centre, enhancement of facilities at research laboratories and Engineering Centre for scientific work by schoolchildren.

The report also included information on the launch of Education Centre ProLog aimed to support research activities of schoolchildren at Belgorod State University. The colleagues were also informed of the Laboratory of Innovative Technologies at the Pedagogics Division, development of telecommunication facilities at the university in collaboration with young teachers for organizing events and online counselling.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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