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The university administration supported the appeal of the Chinese students

BelSU Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and the Chinese students discussed the current study conditions provided by the university

The meeting was initiated by the group of Chinese students studying at BelSU Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations who sent an appeal to the Rectors blog. The Rector, Oleg Polukhin delegated it to Vladislav Kuchmistiy, the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation to discuss the problems with the Chinese students who once again expressed their wish to come back to China until the Covid incidence is improved in Belgorod region.

We fully realize your worries and your parents concerns and will not interfere with your travel home. Moreover, we have all the possibilities to organize your study on a distance, underlined Vladislav Kuchmistiy.

The students were explained how to interact with their instructors so that to ensure the utmost effectiveness of distance classes.

You will have to study much more independently, but the instructors will be in touch with you regularly and answer all the questions. Next semester we be glad to welcome you in our university classrooms to continue study, inspired the students the Vice-Rector.

He also wished them safe travel and good health.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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