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BelSU young researchers patented a novel livestock supplement and the process for its manufacture

The high-energy livestock supplement developed under REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business will enable to increase the quality of agricultural products and provide for import substitution

The research conducted at BelSU Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology proved that due to the new product introduction it will be possible to increase fat content in milk and milk yield in the lactation and calving period of cows. The experts state that fat is an essential component for fully sustained energy of a cow. However, the livestock supplements available currently at the market are characterized by a number of flaws related to bioaccessibility and synthesis technology for so called protected fat.

We have set the goal to develop new protected fat based on desaturated fatty acids and the technology of its manufacturing in Russia, told the Vice Head of the Institute Ulyana Krut.

As the base for the cattle stock supplement the BelSU researcher proposed to use affordable and accessible secondary raw material sunflower oils sludge.

Application of the developed supplement will contribute to emission of 97% of phospholipids of encapsulated admixture in the animals small bowel. The product has high accessibility and bioaccessibility as well as a reduced negative effect on the livestock digestion on condition of fat inclusion in the animals diet, told Ulyana Krut.

The developed supplement produced in the form of encapsulated fat for cattle stock represents microcapsules with the diameter of 5 mm. The researchers explained that encapsulated form of the product enables its friability and low caking property up to 6 months in case the proper storage conditions are observed. That is why the novel supplement is supposed to be used in combination with any kind of feed stuff.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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