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The study of the artistic legacy by Nikolay Strakhov is being continued

BelSU researchers began their work at the second volume of the biographical album by the Russian philosopher, literary critic and publicist N.N. Strakhov

Two years ago the first part of the album Nikolay Nikolayevich Strakhov. Path of Life. The Beginning. was published to commemorate philosophers 160 anniversary. The album was dedicated to the Strakhovs life in Belgorod and his young years: student period, professional life span from 1828 till 1860.

The research group set to work at the second album with the focus on the mature years of Nikolay Strakhov from 1861 till 1885. Exactly in that period he became famous among the Russian literate as all-understanding philosopher (so he was called by the Russian poet, literary critic and translator .. Gregoryev). N.N. Strakhov was a long standing interlocutor of F.M. Dostoyevskiy and an active member of the editorial board of the journals Time and Epoch, the specialist and interlocutor of L.N. Tolstoy. He was on friendly terms with .. Fet, I.S. Aksakov, Y.P. Polonskiy and other famous Russian writers. The second volume of the biography that is planned to be finalized by the end of this academic year is expected to be very informative. It will include unique documents testifying to various sides of life and thinking ways of Nikolay Strakhov.

One can read about the research group discoveries, legendary scientists who help to revive the memory of the philosopher in the interview of Pavel Olkhov, Professor of the Division for Philosophy and Theology, Head of the Centre Intelligent History of Russia and Regional Biographical Studies. The interview is published in the magazine N.9 Vesti of BelSU. The number is available both in printed and electronic versions.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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