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BelSU researchers developed a method to intensify functional properties of food products

The conducted research on the effect produced by carbohydrate coat on nanocapsules size in the samples of motherwort extract lead to the idea of using them to increase products bioavailability

The study of nanostructured bioactive compounds was conducted at BelSU Division of Food Technology as part of the REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business in cooperation with Professor Aleksander Krolevets from the Laboratory of Synthesis of Micro- and Macro-Nanostructures, Regional Open Social Institute in Kursk.

Nina Myachikova, the Head of the Division noted that nanocapsules do not have any taste and smell and they can be used in functional food. The results of the study of the motherwort extract demonstrated that the nanocapsule size considerably depends on the quality of carbohydrate coat. According to the clinical trial data, due to its bioactive compounds complex motherwort and its preparations are characterized by antihypertensive, cardiotonic and sedating activity. Besides, it has a number of other valuable properties antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

The medication containing motherwort substance is used for gastro-intestinal disturbances, thrombosis, sacred disease and Graves disease. Owing to the positive effect of motherwort, BelSU scientists proposes to apply 0,025% of the substance in the generally liked sweet marmalade.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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