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NRU BelSU receive unique exhibits as a gift

Belgorod State University Geology and Mineralogy Museum named after A.N. Petin has been enriched with unique exhibits flags from the International Space Station

The Ore and Metals Publishing House presented BelSU the flags with the logo of the Science and Technology and Production Volumes Minerals Magazine and Nonferrous Metals that were brought from the International Space Station the outer space hosting Russian-American-Italian crew. This fact is testified by the corresponding stamp and print of the Russian ISS segment. The Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences Ignat Ignatenko expressed gratitude to the colleagues of the Ore and Minerals Publishing House for the presented items and his hope for the further strengthening of cooperation. According to Tatiana Lipnitskaya, the Director of BelSU Geology and Mineralogy Museum, the unique exhibits turned to be a nice present on the eve of the 5th museum anniversary and will take a prominent stand on the museum shelves. When visiting BelSU Geology and Mineralogy Museum one can learn about the history of geology and process of the Earth organic evolution, see different ores, minerals and other original objects. There is a special museum room equipped with backlighting where one can make diagnostics of the minerals. The museum also affiliates a school of young geologist that opens its door for your researcher of school years.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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