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Mutually beneficial cooperation between the partners of SCO University

Belgorod State University summed up the results of the V International University Forum of SOC States

The 5th anniversary University Forum of SOC States was finalized at the plenary session chaired by BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin. The moderators of the thematic tracks presented the preliminary results and proposals to be included in the draft version of the final Forum resolution.

Oleg Polukhin in his concluding speech at the plenary session thanked the participants for their active involvement in the forum agenda and for the expressed ideas pointing out their high value.

The final forum act states that the delegates are unanimous in their conclusions: the SOC significance is increasing; the unique role in formulating the collaboration priorities belongs to the future generations; economic and social projects are the most essential to contribute to peace strengthening and well being in the SOC area, for example such projects as SOC Molodezhnaya Karta, Tochka Rosta and projects dedicated to the launch of international youth business-incubators functioning under the guidance of Russian Youth Association. The resolution indicates the importance of the transfer to a new level of practical collaborating of students and young researchers through developement of distance courses, extension of joint research, laboratories and centres in the humanities establishing alliances and associations.

The focus was made on the IT infrastructures development at the universities in order to ensure cooperation between students and young researchers from SOC states via videoconferencing.

All remarks and proposals were included in the approved resolution draft that will be sent to all the forum participant in the shortest possible time.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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