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Chinese students get acquainted with BelSU traditions

Dezhou University organized an annual festivity initiation ceremony of the students enrolled to the joint educational program provided in cooperation with BelSU

The Vice Rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmistiy, the BelSU Ambassador in China Chzhao Panbo and the lecturer of the Division of Russian Language, Oral Professional and Intercultural Communication Maria Vinichenko addressed the students via videoconferencing.

The students pronounced solemn oaths of introduction and swore to act as ambassadors of Russian and Chinese cultures and proponents of both states.

The event assumed a contest of compositions on My Russia topic for the 2-year students the prospective students of BelSU Institute of Economics and Management.

Such cultural events contribute both to the development of friendship between Russian and China and acquaint our prospective students with the universitys traditions. Already now the Chinese students speak with pride that they will study at Belgorod State University, thinks Maria Vinichenko.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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