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NRU BelSU became the venue for discussion the pressing issues of ecology

The university held the XVI International Scientific Conference on Ecology Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Biosystem Functioning to commemorate Aleksander Prisniy, Professor of BelSU Division of Biology

The conference that brought together over 200 scientists from Russian Federation and 10 other countries (Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, the Ukraine, France etc.) was held via videoconferencing. The Member of the Russian Academy of Science Nikolay Sideknikov and the Director of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology Irina Spichak addressed the participants with a welcome speech and wished them fruitful work at the conference.

The reports made by the researchers covered a wide range of objects: from fungi and plants to animals and a human being. They discussed the present state of the ecology and flora, ecology and fauna, and ecology and diagnostics aspects.

The work results achieved will be the base for planning and arranging activity on organisms introduction and acclimatization. They can be also useful as practical examples in the relative subjects for the biologists, ecologists and nature users training, informed the conference organizer Yuriy Prisniy.

At the end of the International Scientific Conference on Ecology the participants approved a resolution being unanimous in the importance of the constant search of new indicators of the biota condition and environmental health. The next conference is planned for 2022.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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