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Around the world in 60 minutes

The Preparatory Faculty of NRU BelSU held an annual concert Lets Meet via videoconferencing

The concert which is traditionally organized by the Preparatory Faculty in a few months after the start of an academic year was held via videoconferencing this year.

The main concert performers were the international students of Belgorod State University who are staying in their home countries at the moment. In the short reels they made self-presentations and told about their countries demonstrating their national identity with big affection.

The audience and virtual guests travelled around the globe in one hour visiting such countries as Columbia, Ecuador, Haiti, Jordan, Iraq, Benin, the Republic of Chad, Burundi, Algeria, Bangladesh, Syria, Paraguay, China, Indonesia and Russia, of course.

The international students impressed the audience with beautiful songs, lively dances, playing the musical instruments, recitation, presentations of their countries and even fine cuisine. The tutors of the Preparatory Faculty also prepared a presentation of each country and told about cultural, lingual and climate specifics of the students native countries.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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