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The developments by BelSU researchers earned awards of the international exhibitions in Seoul and Hong Kong

The research achievements of Belgorod State University have been honored two gold and two silver medals of international exhibitions IIDC 2020 and SIIF-2020

The BelSU agrotechnology and metallurgy projects were represented at the International Inventions and Design Exhibition - IIDC 2020 (Hong Kong, PRC) and International Inventions Exhibition - SIIF-2020 (Seoul, Republic of Korea). The exhibitions were supported by the International Innovation Club Arkhimed.

The projects in agrotechnology were realized as part of the World-Class REC Program Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business realized in Belgorod region and were highly evaluated by the international jury.

The BelSU probiotic flavoring mixture for normalized digestion and intestinal infections protection (nutritional supplement that improves food flavor and prevents gastrointestinal diseases) received the highest award at the Hong Kong exhibition (the project leader Irina Batlutskaya). The gold medal was also awarded to the development Fruit Leather with Functional Properties dry marmalade characterized by the improved nutrition value due to introduction of nanostructured dry Echinacea extract which is rich in ferrum, calcium, selenium, silicon and alantin (the project leaders Aleksandr Krolevets and Nina Myachikova).



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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