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Belgorod State University became the venue for the IX International Readings to commemorate N.N. Strakhov

The landmark forum organized via videoconferencing brought together outstanding philosophers, scientists and Strakhov theorists

The Strakhov readings due to the online format allowed to involved many outstanding scientists in philosophy. The main event of the forum on the first day was the memorial colloquium on A Philosopher on the Border of Conception: Speaking, Writing, Silence.

The famous researchers participated in the colloquium were represented by Julia Sineokaya, the Vice Director for Research of RAS Institute of Philosophy (Moscow), Andrey Korol, Rector of Belarus Sate University (Belarus), Doctor of Philosophy Viktor Rimskiy (Belgorod), Pavel Olkhov, Professor of the Division of Philosophy and Theology, BelSU.

The second day was marked by the presentation of the unique book by Valeriy Fateev N.N. Strakhov. Personality. Creative Work. Epoch. During two plenary sessions the prominent Strakhov theorists form Russia and China made their reports.

The conference was finalized by a memorial meeting to dedicated to the anniversary of .. Shenshin (Fet) Together with A.A. Fet: meetings, cooperation, correspondence with L.N. Tolstoy, Y.P. Polonskiy, N.N. Strakhov.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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