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Welcome to enter BelSU is a single information resource for the prospective students

A special longread website postupinvbegu.rf informs of the institutes and colleges of Belgorod State University and allows you to apply for admission in two clicks

The postupinvbegu.rf contains all the necessary information for prospective students planning to enter the NRU BellSU to study at the programs of secondary vocational education, Bachelor, Master and Specialist Programs, Doctoral programs and PhD. The website visitors can be easily informed of the latest news on the universitys departments by following the links to their websites and respective pages in social networks.

The portal content is presented in a convenient longread format that enables you to quickly find the required institute or college, the field of study, contact details and choose the way for submitting an application to the Admissions Committee: in person, via the universitys website, on the State Services Portal through the super service Online Admission to the University or by mail. In order to submit documents electronically an applicant is required to create a personal account, fill in the necessary data and attach documents scans in the appropriate sections. After all the steps in the personal account are completed, an admission application is generated and ready to be submitted.

The application status in the personal account will be updated upon acceptance of the application and documents by the Admission Committee. Submission of documents through this resource greatly simplifies the admission process and does not require much time. Acceptance of documents at the university starts on June 1, 2021.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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