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Mini-football team of NRU "BelSU" won silver medals of Belgorod Cup

The final games of Belgorod Mini-Football Cup JOMA RUS were closed

The teams from Belgorod, representing various enterprises and organizations, took part in the competition. According to the head of the Sports Club of National Research University BelSU Vladimir Rudenko, the team of the Student Community of Arab countries Lions of the National Research University BelSU, has been actively participating in the tournament for many seasons. This season the team ended in the final, where it met with the Farmer team.

The first period ended with the score of 3:3, but in the second one was harder, Vladimir Rudenko commented on the result. The fate of the gold medals was decided by the opposing team's reserve, the so-called bench factor.

As a result, The Lions of NRU BelSU lost in the final. Ali Lobani (Jordan), a medical student, was recognized as the best player in the team.



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