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Strategic goals set for 2021

At a meeting of the Academic Board, a decision was made to increase the enrollment of international students

The Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty reported on the results of BelSU Development Program implemented in the framework of the Federal Project Export of Education for 2019-2024. He underlined that the university coped with the task of increasing the number of international students. The success was achieved due to interaction with recruiting companies, participation in international educational exhibitions, collaboration with partner universities as well as career guidance activities.

The Vice-Rector noted proactive promotion of BelSU brand in social networks and work accomplished by the universitys ambassadors. In particular, he mentioned the success in attracting students from South America by Imexa recruiting company which is headed by the Ambassador of National Research University BelSU in Ecuador Muñoz Andrade Luis Fernando. Luis Fernando informed about the company's activities, cooperation with the National Research University, the main result of which was the attraction of 375 international students from South America over the past two years, the company's leading positions in promoting the Russian language and Russian education on the American continent. Speaking about the perspectives, the Ambassador of the NRU BelSU shared the goal to attract over three thousand international students to the NRU BelSU by 2025.

The Academic Council approved the results of the development program presented and assigned to develop a universitys roadmap on international students recruitment for 2021 and to design a unified recruitment activities plan.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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