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The genetic scientists of Belgorod State University develop new intrabreed types and pig breeds

In the course of the research, breed-specific loci have been identified for further detection of mutant disorders and accurate pairing for animal breeding

The scientific project is being implemented within the framework of the RFFI grant on Development of a Multiplex Panel for High-Performance Sequencing to Assess Breeding Value and Create New Breed Types and Breeds of Pigs. The project is headed by Olesya Artemchuk, the senior researcher of the Center for Genomic Breeding of Belgorod State University. The scientists aim to develop a multiplex panel for sequencing which includes the most popular genetic markers considered to be economically valuable for the accelerated determination of the breeding value of livestock and creation of new pig breeds. This year Professor Eduard Snegin, the Centre Director, headed the selection of optimal combinations of genetic factors and marking primers, created DNA-library for targeted DNA sequencing.

The conducted research enabled us to identify the most acceptable primers and breed-specific loci that make it possible to identify mutant disorders with high efficiency and to carry out pairs selection for breeding, noted Eduard Snegin.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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