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Students of BelSU Preparatory Faculty got acquainted with the universitys brand attributes

On Universitys Milestones Day the Chair of BelSU Trade Union Committee, Valery Timofeev presented trade union membership cards to the Faculty tutors

The tutor hours dedicated to the Day of Flag and Emblem of Belgorod State University were organized at the Preparatory Faculty via videoconferencing. According to the Deputy Head of the Preparatory Faculty Elena Nazarenko, in the year of BelSU 145th anniversary a number of events have been planned by the faculty that will allow students to learn more about the history and traditions of Russia, the region and Belgorod State University.

On the day of the 20th anniversary of the universitys flag and emblem international students were demonstrated the presentation Symbols of Belgorod State University, which was prepared by Irina Denisova, Director of BelSU History Museum, the museum worker Yuri Buzanakov and Director of the Center for Patriotic Education Inna Kuznetsova.

Valery Timofeev, the Chairman of BelSU Trade Union Comittee presented the trade union membership cards to the tutors of the Preparatory Faculty.


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