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BelSU medical researchers discovered that people doing aerobic exercise suffer from COVID-19 less

The results of the study by BelSU scientists which were published in the scientific and practical journal Pulmonology revealed a tendency that people previously practicing aerobic exercises lack severe pathologies.

Scientists from Belgorod State University together with their colleagues from specialized medical institutions studied how people who were previously adapted to aerobic exercise tolerate COVID-19. The study involved 293 people over 30 years old (asymptomatic and patients with COVID-19). 27 people from the group had been adapted to regular aerobic exercise one year prior to the disease.

Experts explain the results by the fact that long-term adaptation to aerobic exercises or human endurance development change the profile of a specific receptor protein through which coronavirus penetrates into cells. Thus, it enables conservative functioning of the regulatory elements of a respiratory system under normal activity, also increasing reserve capacity of a respiratory system including the ability to more efficiently mobilize in demanding conditions.

In their subsequent studies, the scientists plan to reveal and evaluate the impact produced by the aggravating infection diseases, especially obesity and diabetes mellitus, on COVID-19 severity change as well as the independent role of adaptation to aerobic exercises in this case.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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