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A BelSU professor gave a lecture to Master students from Serbia

The Head of the Laboratory of Sociology of Religion, Culture and Communication, International Center for Sociological Research Sergey Lebedev acted as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Belgrade

The BelSU professor lectured via Skype. Within the framework of the Master Program in Foundations of Sociological Approach to Religion Studies (supervised by Professor Mirko Blagoevich) Sergey Lebedev gave a lecture on Religious Inequality and Conflicts in the Modern World. The sociologist introduced the audience to the sociology terminology used in the study of religious inequalities and conflicts. Sergey Lebedev presented to the undergraduates the author's model of inequalities and conflicts classification in the religious sphere with the focus on the situation in the modern world.

According to the scientist, in modern societies inequalities and conflicts in social, secular space of public relations have become very important for religions. Such conflicts are mainly of territorial or public nature.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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