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A meeting of the Coordination Council on Organizing Work in Conditions of the Increased Risk under COVID-19 was held at BelSU

The meeting headed by the Rector Oleg Polukhin was held via videoconferencing. Oleg Polukhin reminded that according to the order he signed, the university has been gradually moving to the conventional format of education since February 8th, so there should be no strict control of attendance during this period. He also stressed that the distance format will be sustained for some students.

Due to the students return to the classrooms, an increase in the incidence of ARVI and COVID may occur, so we need to conduct daily monitoring and continue the vaccination campaign which should help us to enter a normal work schedule soon, said Oleg Polukhin.

According to the Head of International Office Nikolai Tsybulya, in the near future over 200 international students will be able to enter Russia because their countries opened their borders. In February 33 students arrived to the university. About 800 international students will continue education on distance. Oleg Polukhin advised to strengthen control over the organization of high-quality education for students studying online. The meeting also covered the issue of vaccination of the university staff against COVID.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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