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BelSU professor lectured online for Master students and doctoral students from Kazakhstan

The Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Nikolay Alefirenko invitated by L.N. Gumilyova Eurasian National University to share advanced knowledge in the field of cognitive linguistics

Online lectures by Professor Nikolai Alefirenko were held within the framework of the courses on Philosophical and Methodological Problems of Linguistics and Scientific Paradigms of Modern Linguistics on the MicrosoftTeams platform in the public domain.

The scientist touched upon the issues of relationship between philosophy and linguistics, language and thinking, the specifics of cognitive activity, the synergistic interaction of language, consciousness and culture and many other problems that are in the focus of the modern linguistic research.

Ethnocultural constants in the Russian, Kazakh, and English language picture of the world were also considered. The work of the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Alefirenko aroused great interest of Master students, doctoral students and lecturers. As Nikolai Alefirenko notes, the ethnospecificity of a concept in the context of interlanguage comparison enables to define it as a unit of national mentality which is different from mentality as a general set of characteristics of a national identity.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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