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Doctoral School for the Future Economists and Managers

The Winter School of the future doctoral students was held at BelSU Institute of Economics and Management

Over 50 students took part in the scientific event. In the course of interactive communication the heads of the educational divisions presented their doctoral programs. The supervisors of the doctoral programs - Viktor Sapryka, Elena Stryabkova, Oksana Vaganova and Boris Tkhorikov introduced the participants to the admission procedure, the conditions of study. They talked about dissertation councils functioning at the institute, grant support and research programs for young scientists, their inclusion in federal and regional projects, personal scholarships.

During the round table on Development of New Science: from Idea of A Doctoral Project to Implementation, the issues of modern doctoral research closely related to professional qualifications advancement and scientific competencies development were discussed. As a result of the scientific event, future and current doctoral students proposed ideas aimed at development of science for young researchers.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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