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Maslenitsa arrived to Belgorod State University

A festive theatrical program Wide Maslenitsa was held on the square in front of Svetlana Khorkina's Sports Complex

Students and teachers were greeted by skomorokhs. Wide Maslenitsa festivity was announced to be opened by Svetlana Ostrikova, the Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Youth Policy. She talked about how Russian people welcomed spring and saw off winter in the old times.

Let all hardships and fears go away with winter and the approaching spring in our life bring fulfillment of all hopes! wished Svetlana Ostrikova.

The creative program was prepared by Elena Selivon, director of the BelSU Youth Cultural Centre, and Fabula Student Theater of Pop Miniatures. Exciting contests and relay races from the University Sports Club added flavour to the festive event. The most warming elements of the holiday included hot tea, field porridge and the traditional Pancake week dish delicious pancakes. On this cold spring day the atmosphere of folk festivities was added up by the creative teams of the Youth Cultural Centre. The culmination of the holiday was the burning of the Winter effigy.


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