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BelSU football players held a charity match

The BelSU Lions mini-football student team representing the Arab Community helped to raise funds for an autist boy rehabilitation

The organizer of the match between BelSU Lions and Friends of Gordey teams was the football coach Ruslan Vitsky who is a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education of BelSU Pedagogical Institute. As Ruslan said, his idea to hold a charity football match resonated with university students.

The BelSU Lions team with its captain Irkhayev Baker became the winner of the university Olympics and took part in Belgorod championship. All the funds gained from the sale of tickets and donation of the match participants will go to the rehabilitation of Gordey Nemtsev suffering from autism and dreaming of becoming a football player.

This event is more than just a fundraiser to help Gordey. This is a manifestation of kindness, mercy and mutual assistance. Thanks everyone who took part in our charity match. Our match also became a large communication platform that brought together children from different countries. Neither different nations, nor the language barrier, nor the cold wind could spoil the atmosphere of the event, Ruslan said.


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