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Three ARCHIMEDES medals added to the collection of BelSU international awards

Innovative projects of BelSU researchers were marked with the awards of Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies ARCHIMEDES

The top award of the International Salon was received by the energy dispersive tomographic scanner developed by BelSU International Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Radiation Physics. The patented device enables to measure thickness of films and walls of pipes made of light elements with an accuracy of 1 micron and to measure the elemental composition of the object under study.

The silver medal was awarded to the project of BelSU Department of Food Technology which provided for development of a new food product fruit leather with functional properties (headed by Associate Professor Nina Myachikova and Doctor of Chemical Sciences Alexander Krolevets). It produces a positive effect on the body due to nanostructured dry echinacea extract added.

The bronze medal was awarded to a team of young BelSU scientists for the upper limb rehabilitation hardware and software complex with elements of biofeedback (supervisor Vladislav Dubrova). The development allows restoring the motor activity of hands impaired due to joint contractures, neuritis of various origin, injuries, cerebral palsy and stroke.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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