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BelSU scientific journal entered SCOPUS database

The Research Results in Biomedicine journal affiliated to the Research Result online journal will be indexed in SCOPUS international database

As a result of intensive and long-term work with the Russian SCOPUS Office Research Results in Biomedicine journal of Belgorod State University entered the list indexed by the leading international database.

This quarterly peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal has been published since 2014. It publishes scientific articles in the areas of genetics, pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, clinical medicine with a special emphasis on cross-disciplinary research.

As it was noted by the editor-in-chief of the scientific publication Professor Mikhail Churnosov, the Head of the Department of Biomedical Disciplines, the new editorial policy has largely contributed to the successful promotion of the journal.

The Research Result series includes eight journals. The first journal of this series that was included in the international SCOPUS database in February 2020 was the Research Results in Pharmacology journal under the editorship of Professor Mikhail Pokrovsky, the Head of BelSU Research Institute of Living Systems Pharmacology.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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