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Belgorod State University will publish a University calendar

The project was discussed at a meeting of the Council for Strategic development Programs and Property Complex of the University

The University Calendar project was launched in the year of 145th universitys anniversary. Irina Denisova, the Director of BelSU History Museum, presented the stages and specificity of the work.

A unified chronicle of the major dates and events in the history of the university from 1876 to the present will be created. We have to systematize information that we have carefully collected for more than ten years while working with documents from various national archives, said Irina Denisova.

According to the Director of the Museum until now it has been possible to establish the periods of the universitys transformation, the years of leadership of the directors and the rectors of the university. In the near future work will be accomplished that will establish the dates of the educational structural units foundation and the significant events in the history of the educational institution.

The project will also involve undergraduates and Mater students of the university in research activities. Rector Oleg Polukhin made a proposal to implement a project of the same name concerning publishing a printed version of the University Calendar annually and assigned to develop a corresponding roadmap.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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