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BelSU is the winner of Honorary Cup of the International Exhibition of Innovations HI-TECH

Belgorod State University was awarded the top award for a scientific and technical development of the year, other projects presented in the exposition were awarded three gold and five silver medals

The highest award - the cup and the honorary diploma of the exhibition - was awarded to the project on Phytospectrum Control System for Studying the Effect of Spectrum and Light Intensity on Plant Growth and Development (headed by Vladimir Yatsenko) implemented by the pilot production site for microprocessor-based control and monitoring facilities of BelSU High Technologies Technopark and Electronic Systems SME of BelSU.

The project on obtaining new aluminum alloys with ultra-long-term thermal stability and increased physical and mechanical properties (headed by A.A. Mogucheva, D.V. Tagirov) conducted by BelSU Research Institute of Materials Science and Innovative Technologies was marked by the gold medal and the 1st-degree diploma. Gold awards were also awarded to the development by Maxim Ozerov, a junior researcher of the Laboratory of Bulk Nanostructured Materials who invented a new composite material Ti-15Mo / TiB, a project on Rehabilitation Apparatus Software for A Wrist by Vladislav Dubrov, a student of Medical Institute. Silver medal went to the development on Bioactive Feed Additive for Mycotoxins Neutralization (headed by U. A. Krut). Silver medals and honorary diplomas were also awarded to four projects carried out under the leadership of O. A. Ivashchuk, A.N. Afonin, S.V. Sergeev, N.Y. Yurchenko.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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