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The monograph by an Honorary Professor and graduate of Belgorod State University was published in Tashkent

The joint work by Evgeny Tonkov and Dilnoz Ruzieva on General Foundations of Pedagogy will form the basis for teachers training in Uzbekistan

The monograph General Foundations of Pedagogy published in Uzbek language is the result of a joint scientific research by Russian and Uzbek scientists and reveals general issues of pedagogy including the theory and practice of education, which are the basis of moral education.

One of the monograph authors is Yevgeny Tonkov, BelSU Honorary Professor, founder of the universitys pedagogical dynasty and the author of textbooks Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Pedagogy of Education which are successfully used in education at BelSU.

Yevgeny Tonkov has educated more than one generation of teachers. His co-author is Dilnoz Ruzieva, a graduate of Belgorod Pedagogical Institute of 1991, Professor of Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after I. Nizami, a current representative of BelSU Pedagogical Institute in Uzbekistan.

Dilnoz Ruzieva noted the symbolism of the monograph publication in the year of 145th anniversary of Belgorod State University. A copy of the monograph with a dedicatory inscription was presented to N.N. Strakhov Scientific Library of the university.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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