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BelSU is among the awardees of EUROINVENT 2021

Inventions by BelSU scientific teams were marked with two gold and one silver medals of the European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation EUROINVENT 2021

The developments by Belgorod State University were evaluated by an international jury according to the rigid criteria reflecting both the scientific potential of the invention and the potential profitability.

The gold medal at the exhibition was taken by the project Creation of an Integrated Technology for Processing Gypsum-Containing Industrial Wastes for the Raw Materials to be Used in Organic Fertilizers Production (headed by Ivan Nikulin, Ph.D) implemented by BelSU Engineering Centre and the project Automated System of Intelligent Technical Vision for Collecting and Processing Priority Data in Cattle Breeding Management (headed by Professor Olga Ivashchuk) implemented by the Research Laboratory of Intelligent Automated Control Systems.

The project of BelSU Engineering Center is being implemented in partnership with LLC Stroitel in the context of the Program for the World-Class Scientific and Educational Center Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business in Belgorod region. The first results already stand for the work effectiveness.

The invention by the Department of General Chemistry Syrup of Red Rose Petals with Aromas of Various Essential Oils and Vanilla (headed by Professor Victor Deineka, Ph.D. and Associate Professor Nina Myachikova) characterized by a high innovative potential was marked by a silver medal and an honorary diploma of the European Exhibition.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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