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Countering terrorism: students of Belgorod State University made the comparative analysis of the legislation of the Russian Federation and other countries

Belgorod State University summed up the results of a series of events aimed at acquainting students with the legal norms of the Russian and foreign law relating to atni-terrorism and anti-extremism efforts

During the academic year Center for Intercultural Communication held Information Hour series of events, meetings for international and Russian students aimed at acquainting them with the legal norms that stipulate responsibility for involvement and assistance in terrorist activities, inciting social, racial, national and religious hatred, initiation and participation in the activities of public association which are aimed at undermining the foundations of the constitutional system of Russia.

Olga Lyutova, Head of Center for Intercultural Communication, and Roman Shilishpanov, Head of Center for Religious Studies and Extremism Prevention, explained to the students the legislative basis of the Russian Federation, introduced them to the official Internet resources focused on countering terrorism, extremism, and nationalism.

The events series was concluded by the workshop Legislation Prescribing Responsibility for Involvement and Assistance in Terrorist Activities, Inciting Social, Racial, National and Religious Discord, Initiation and Participation in the Activities of Public Associations Banned in My Country.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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