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Students from China and Vietnam defended their graduation theses at Belgorod State University

BelSU Bachelor graduates in Philology specialized in Teaching Philological Disciplines (Russian Language and Literature) defended their thesis at the Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations

For their qualifying work students chose a variety of topics demonstrating a high level of proficiency in Russian. The topics included Concept of Russia, Urbanonyms and Ergonyms of Belgorod, Compliment as an act of Etiquette Communication, Language of Stories by A.P. Chekhov. The thesis defense also assumed a discussion of the linguistic features of Russian and Chinese languages.

International students from China (Wang Shihao, Ma Mengtse, Ji Jinsiang, Zheng Yujia) and Vietnam (Thu Thi Thuyi Hong) summed up their studies at BelSU, expressed their gratitude to the supervisors Olga Lyutova, Anna Makhova, Lillia Petrova, Tatyana Samosenkova and Svetlana Funikova, who supported them throughout the entire period of their studies.

Tatyana Samosenkova, Professor of the Department of Russian Language, Professional Speech and Intercultural Communication, thanked all Bachelor graduates for their hard work, and their scientific advisors for developing students' professional competence.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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