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Belgorod State University will open a Clinic for Gene Therapy

A breakthrough project was presented at a conference of BelSU Academic Council

The concept of Clinic for Gene Therapy was presented by Alexey Deikin, the Director of Joint Center for Genetic Technologies, recently founded at Belgorod State University. According to the scientist, it will be a scientific-industrial-medical complex for identification of genetic diseases, development of personalized drugs, their production and application. Aleksey Deikin noted that the Clinic cannot be isolated from the University Clinic where high-tech services in the field should be provided with the gene therapy at the top level.

Another track for the complex development should be a research and production site where drugs will be directly developed and manufactured. The creation of new laboratories will also be required genomic editing based on the experimental biological complex of Research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems; molecular biology and gene therapy; standardization and quality control.

In order to solve staff supply issues, it will be necessary to develop and implement new specialized programs at different educational levels. There are plans to develop at least 6 new educational programs. It is also planned to increase the number of projects using genomic editing technologies address the goals of the World-Class REC Innovative solutions in Agri-business.

The project was highly evaluated by the members of the Academic Council.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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