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Scientists to set up cutting-edge production of materials for dentistry

The implementation of this project will set up the production of a competitive product

Scientists from Belgorod State University and Vladmiva holding (Belgorod) are creating a high-tech production of export-oriented medical products for dentistry based on innovative construction materials.

The project by Belgorod State University for the creation of high-tech production received a federal grant. The industrial partner - Vladmiva JSC - will produce alloys of dental and metal powders for removable and fixed dentures, dental burs with improved quality diamond heads designed for processing hard tooth tissues, various dental materials and products when working with dental tips in a clinical setting, based on innovative construction materials and technologies for manufacturing these medical devices developed by the scientists of Belgorod State University.

"Currently, there is a lack of production of such products in Russia. In addition, the development of technologies will ensure coverage of the domestic market of dental materials and create a foundation for the development of export of innovative non-raw products. Thus, the implementation of this project will set up the production of a competitive product, the consumer properties of which correspond to the best international standards", the press service quoted the project manager, Doctor of Science Sergei Zherebtsov, as saying.

Teams of scientists from a number of specialized research laboratories (Research Laboratory of Bulk Nanostructured Materials; Research Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured and Heat-Resistant Materials; Research Laboratory of Cellular, Assisted Reproductive and DNA Technologies), as well as the Center for Collective Use "Technologies and Materials of Belgorod State University". The amount of funding from the federal budget reaches 200 million rubles.

The selection of projects was carried out in accordance with the rules for granting subsidies for the development of cooperation between Russian educational institutions of higher education, state scientific institutions and organizations of the real sector of the economy in order to implement complex projects to create top-notch production.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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