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The instructors and students from BelSU Engineering School will develop digital horticulture in Krasnodar region

The START Centre for Youth Innovation Creativity won a bid to conduct experiments in digital horticulture involving drones

Drones can be used not only to collect and analyse data on soil topography, but also to monitor the condition of crops and yields and evaluate the effectiveness of farming operations. Their use in agriculture is considered to be one of the promising directions.

The project is being implemented by OJSC Scientific and Production Centre Pegasus-BelGU (START Centre for Youth Innovation Creativity) supported by Innovation Promotion Fund, the project aims to develop interests of schoolchildren and youth in science, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The researchers will create and equip an infrastructure site in Krasnodar region, as well as develop guidelines for piloting and programming drones in accordance with the specifics of their use in industrial horticulture.

One of the project stages being implemented will be a competition among schoolchildren on application of high technology in agriculture, where at least 100 young developers are expected to participate.

Upon implementation of the pilot project in Krasnodar, a similar platform will be created at START Centre for Youth Innovation Creativity in Belgorod as part of REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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