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The country's agrarians are interested in the research of BelSU geneticists

Articles on marker and genomic breeding in livestock and crop production as technologies of the future are published in AgroInfo journal by Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

The developments by BelSU researchers have been carried out as part of the World-Class REC Innovative Solutions for Agri-Business and are aimed at solving one of the national strategic goals ensuring the countrys food security.

The Head of R&D Centre for Genomic Selection at Belgorod State University Eduard Snegin and the Head of the Plant Genetics and Breeding Laboratory of R&D Centre of BelSU Botanical Garden Mikhail Tretyakov spoke about the specifics and prospects of practical application of marker and genomic breeding in agriculture.

Application of these technologies in agriculture will have a tangible economic effect. At present Genomic Selection Center of Belgorod State University cooperates with over 50 agricultural companies from Buryatia to Kaliningrad.

At the same time, the researchers note that genomic selection makes it possible not only to select the best breeding or seed material, but also suitable partners for crossbreeding. This is equally important in both animal breeding and plant breeding.

Marker and genomic breeding make it possible to determine how traits, for example of a particular wheat variety, have been transmitted and retained over a number of generations. With these technologies it is also possible to confirm varietal purity.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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