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Researchers from Belgorod State University developed COVID-19 Outpatient Care computer program

The software will allow medical professionals design an individual treatment plan for COVID19-infected patients

The author of the project, Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Roman Bontsevich noted that the computer program developed on the basis of the temporary guidelines of the Russian Healthcare Ministry is meant for medical professionals only and cannot be used by the public for self-treatment and self-diagnosis of patients.

After launching the COVID-19 outpatient care software, the physician is prompted to fill in parameters relevant to the patient's condition. Then the software analyses the data and, in accordance with the recommendations, suggests various tactics for managing the patient, Roman Bontsevich explained.

The computer programme takes into account a complex of factors, not only objective and laboratory parameters, but also additional risk factors: the patient's age, obesity, limited mobility, chronic diseases.

The computer programme, registered in the name of the Belgorod State University, is available under an open licence to the staff of medical institutions to make decisions when providing outpatient care in the pandemic. It is posted on the website of the University's Regional Intellectual Property Centre:http://rcis.bsu.edu.ru/rcis/detail.php?ID=722313



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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