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The order for admission of the applicants to major competitive places has been issued at Belgorod State University

3 586 applicants have become students of Belgorod State University at the primary admission stage

BelSU Academic Council headed by Rector Oleg Polukhin approved the order for admission to Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs and Secondary Vocational Education. A total of 2 972 applicants have been admitted to full-time higher education programs, of which 1 997 applicants to the state-financed places.

While commenting on the preliminary results of the admission campaign-2021, Alexander Galtsev, the Director of Pre-University Training and Admission, the Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee informed the Council members that compared to the last year the number of applicants to Bachelor and Specialist degree programs has increased by 17%.

Today, the ranking of applicants to graduate and residency programs is also posted on the website http://abitur.bsu.edu.ru/abitur/priem/competition/. Based on the competition lists the applicants can decide on the field of study and submit their consent for the field selected.

The applicants consents for admission and contracting to study at Bachelor and Specialist Degree programs will continue till 25th August. The documents can be submitted for part-time study on a fee-paid basis at all education levels until 10th September.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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