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BelSU became the holder of the seventh international patent this year

The university's materials scientists received a patent for the method of bioactive coating on the surface of large joint prosthetic implants in Israel

The new technology, which is internationally recognized, can be successfully applied to mass-produced large joint endoprostheses with improved biocompatibility. Today, arthroplasty is the only possible treatment in cases when surgery cannot be avoided.

According to Georgy Khramov, a senior lecturer at the Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology at Belgorod State University the most promising solution is to create a porous biocompatible surface on endoprostheses be means of the micro-arc oxidation method, which has become widespread in the recent years.

As BelSU scientists explained, an important technical result and novelty of the invention consists in reduction of the average current density and the use of a mild anode-cathode mode of bioactive coating. This enables multiple processing of large joint endoprostheses elements that leads to porous bioactive glass-ceramic coating of the whole or a restricted surface of the endoprostheses elements made of titanium alloys.

In order to implement the patented technology, an experimental production site based at the Research, Education and Innovation Centre Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies has been established at Belgorod State University.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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