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Entrance examinations for doctoral studies are underway at Belgorod State University

Over 300 university graduates wish to undertake a career in science

This year 156 state-financed places including 27 allotments for employer-sponsored education have been allocated for doctoral programs entrants in the context of the admission campaign.

Admission is available to doctoral studies in Mathematics and Mechanics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, Information Science and Computing, General Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Law and others.

Clinical medicine, computer science and engineering, pedagogy, law, economics and sociology remain the most popular subjects among the entrants. Competition for some programs is 8 applicants per place.

Applicants entering in the first wave have taken online testing examinations in foreign language and philosophy via Pegasus e-learning system. They will have to take exams in special subjects.

The entrance tests for doctoral studies will be held during a week according to the schedule. The results will be posted on the Entrants page of BelSU website. Documents submission for part-time education on a fee-paying basis will continue till 10th September.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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