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The meeting of solidarity

The Echo of Beslan Tragedy meeting was held at Belgorod State University on the Day of Solidarity in Combating Terrorism.

Students, including representatives of foreign associations, professors and staff of Belgorod State University took part in the meeting.

The commemorative event was opened by Svetlana Ostrikova, the Vice-Rector for Education and Youth Policy of Belgorod State University, who told about the event that stirred the world in September 2004. Svetlana Ostrikova pointed out that every year on 3rd September people who know the value of life and death gather on the university square.

The Archpriest of the University Chapel of Archangel Gabriel, Father Julian (Gogolyuk) spoke about the heroism of the Russian security officers who freed the terrorists victims and he called everyone to be merciful, to help those in need and support each other.

As part of the event, the results of a poster competition on peace, counter-terrorism and the rule of goodness were summed up. Svetlana Ostrikova presented certificates to the winners BelSU students.

A minute of silence was held in memory of the victims of terrorism. Traditionally, participants of the meeting let loose white balloons into the sky symbolizing the souls of Beslan children who died in September 2004. At the end of the event Sofia Yefimova, the soloist of the Veresk Art Studio, performed the Peace to the World song.



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