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Belgorod State University Strengthens Its Ties with the University of Florence

The Rector of the Belgorod State University, Professor Oleg Polukhin, met with representatives of the University of Florence and Feraboli Zootech S.r.l, to discuss cooperation in education, science and business

The meeting involved the Rectors team, Mr Paolo Coppi, who represented the interests of the University of Florence, and Francesco Feraboli, the CEO of Feraboli Zootech. Professor Polukhin was keen to restart the initiatives that were curtailed by the pandemic, and to reaffirm the universities commitments to each other.

Ignat Ignatenko, who heads our Universitys Institute of Earth Sciences, was in discussions with the University of Florence to create a joint laboratory for monitoring the air quality at livestock enterprises using geographic information systems. Mr Coppi was speaking on behalf of Professor Matteo Barbari, who heads the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Systems Management. Both parties were enthusiastic about the work they had undertaken so far, and were keen for it to continue. The meeting progressed with discussions on new areas for cooperation in agribusiness.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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