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University honours its best

Belgorod State University awards its best and brightest at a ceremony on the eve of the Universitys 145th anniversary

The Rector of the University, Professor Oleg Polukhin, had the pleasure of awarding medals to colleagues and recent graduates who had performed exceptionally in the previous academic year. He recalled all the projects that had strengthened our University, and contributed to improvements in science and education, and in the material improvement of the university environment. The award is a revival of a practice that dates back to the 19th century.

This year the Rector handed medals to Ekaterina Brazhnik, Ani Galshoyan, Gleb Krivosheev, Elena Kuzubova, Marina Lavruk, Dilara Mamedova, Sergei Medvedev, Pavel Serikov, Aliyor Tozhibaev, Anastasia Shaidurova and Alisa Chaplygina.

The Strakhova and Pogorelova prize is awarded to outstanding educators. This year the prize was shared between five scientists, Vasily Zakhvalinsky, Sergey Matorin, Alexander Zhikharev, Nikolai Alefirenko and Andrey Gabov.

The day also saw prizes for winners of professional skills competitions, which were awarded teams from various Institutes and Departments.



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