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Developments by BelSU genetic technology scientists will receive grant support

Belgorod State University will be allocated over 267 million rubles from the state budget to develop genome editing technologies for innovative purposes in biomedicine and diagnostics

The Belgorod State University research team headed by Professor Vladimir Buchman (Great Britain) will work on the development of genetic modelling technologies in medical and biological research and gene therapy for neuromuscular diseases.

The work will be carried out jointly with the National Medical Research Centre for Children's Health of the Russian Ministry of Health, the Human Stem Cells Institute and Genotarget LLC.

The grant programme will be run until 2023 providing for 267.5 million rubles allocation from the state budget and co-financing from BelSU amounting to 160 million rubles for the research.

As noted by BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin, the university will establish a Genetic Technology Research Institute including a Gene Therapy Clinic as well as an International Educational Centre that will train molecular biologists, doctors and genetic engineers.



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