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In 2021, BelSU received a record number of applications

The enrollment campaign results were summed up at the University Academic Council meeting

At the very beginning, BelSU Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin awarded Elena Litovchenko, Head of the Department of General History with a D.Sc. (History) Diploma, Alevtina Novikova, Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional and International Law with a D.Sc. (Law) Diploma, and Gayana Maltseva, professor of the Russian Language and Russian Literature Department, with a Ph.D. Diploma in Philology.

The results of the 2021 enrollment campaign and the tasks for 2022 were also discussed at the meeting. Alexander Galtsev, BelSU Director of Pre-University Training and Enrollment Procedure Department states that the number of students enrolled in the university this year has increased by 500 compared to 2020. The total number is 8656, but it may increase considering the enrollment of foreign citizens.

The number of applications submitted for all stages and forms of education this year exceeded 26,000, and the average USE score increased to 71.66 (in 2020 - 71.11). The number of those students whose USE results exceeded 240 also increased (376 in 2021 against 318 in 2020).

Among the first-year students there can be found residents from all regions of Russia and 11 CIS countries. More than 60% of school graduates in the Belgorod Region choose BelSU, while there is a sustainable interest of applicants from neighboring and remote regions.

Alexander Galtsev draws attention to the fact that nonresident applicants are attracted not only by bachelors and master's programs, but also by internship. The number of interns at Belgorod National Research University has increased this year by 53 (up to 574).

A. Galtsev also instructed the institutes to work out the issue of training applicants entering scholarship program, since this year not all such students passed the entrance tests. He also outlined the strategic objectives of the 2022 enrollment campaign, such as the establishment of a minimum USE score for each general education subject, the discount system optimization, an increase in the number of applicants with secondary vocational education, as well as applicants from the CIS countries and foreign citizens.

Oleg Polukhin also emphasized that all the planned tasks of the enrollment campaign were completed and gave instructions to develop and approve a work plan for career guidance activities.



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