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Student self-government school for active ones

The 8th "Stimul" Inter-Regional Youth Scho of Student Self-Government master-classes took place at BelSU Nezhegol Recreational Camp

This year the opening ceremony of the School was dedicated to the 145th Anniversary of BelSU, where Svetlna Ostrikova, Vice Rector for Cultural and Educational Activity of BelSU and the Youth Policy, Margarita Varfolomeeva, Director of Department for Discipline and Alexander Popov, Director of Youth Cultural Centre took part. The participants were congratulated on this event and wished effective work within this school and student government as well.

The school of student self-government was arranged by Student Union members and personnel of Office for Cultural and Educational Activities. Despite a big number of applicants, only 110 students were selected from among the first-year students as well as student union members to participate in Stimul.

The training program comprised intensive courses under the guidance of professional coaches, various game-based trainings, hands-on courses, sport and creative activities. Arina Astanina, Federal Examiner, MSU spokesperson, Informal Education Coach gave several master classes.

Within three days, the organizers arranged a series of meetings with BelSU Vice Rector Svetlana Ostrikova in dialogue-as-equals format, which opened the Stimul program and turned out to be a heartwarming conversation. Svetlana Ostrikova shared her professional experience and answered various questions. To conclude the conversation, the vice rector emphasized that the students are the most important figures at any educational institution.

For your information: The event was organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, FGBI Federal Government Budgetary Institution "Youth Resource Center"with grant support of the Rosmolodezh All-Russian competition of youth projects, which is one of the 19 projects within the "Russia is the country of opportunities open platform. The school was arranged within the project Student cluster of informal education Stimul, with the purpose to provide conditions for the personal development of community-minded young people, building leadership and occupational skills in students.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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