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BelSU develops project management

Systematic approach is the main principle of BelSU project management

At the University Academic Council meeting, Svetlana Gaivoronskaya, the head of BelSU rectors office project department spoke about the results of the BelSU project activities of 2018-2021 and tasks for 2022. She stated that BelSU implemented a project management model, the main principle of which is systematic approach.

Annually, from 600 to 1000 employees take part in the implementation of projects. During 2018-2021, the total capacity of project portfolios was 102, of which 55 development projects aimed at creating new structures, technologies, goods, services, and 47 lean projects aimed at optimizing existing operational processes.

Currently, many of the results achieved by teams during the implementation of some projects, both regional and local, are unique and made it possible to contribute to improving the university image, said Svetlana Gaivoronskaya.

Veniamin Kizeev, a board member of Russian Project Management Association "SOVNET", a board member of WINbd Management Academy was a co-speaker on the issue under discussion. He spoke about the established partnership with BelSU, noting that the University built up its competence in respect of project management and the use of lean technologies.

Today the university plays an important role in the formation of the university community in this area. We must share your experience with others. I would suggest that you consider the possibility of creating a consortium of universities in order to replicate the best practices of project management, said Veniamin Knyazev.

The results of the BelSU project activities for 2018-2021 are found to be satisfactory. Oleg Polukhin, rector of BelSU instructed to consider the suggestions of Veniamin Kizeev to promote the best university experience in the Russian educational system.



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