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BelSU input in acceleration engineering development

Scholars of BelSU Radiation Physics Laboratory spoke at the international conference dedicated to the particle accelerators development and its operational activity

The 27th Russian Particle Accelerator Conference (RUPAC) took place in Alushta. The RUPAC is the largest platform in Russia, which unites experts in the fields of colliders and particle beam physics, manufacturing technologies of colliders and its operational activity.

As permanent participants, BelSU Radiation Physics Laboratory staff members represented five papers concerning particle source development based on pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity, as well as electron beam management techniques development.

Andrei Oleynik, BelSU Radiation Physics Laboratory research assistant, presented his paper Quasi-continuous X-ray and Electron Generation in LiTaO3-based Pyroelectric Accelerator Driven by Periodically Varying Temperature, which was devoted to research in X radiation production within the pyroelectricity. The audience was also especially attentive to poster sessions X-Ray Source Based on Piezoelectric Lighter and Controlling of 10 keV Electron Beam Using Dielectric Channels made by BelSU Radiation Physics Laboratory staff members. These works represented original developments in sustainable X radiation production and electron beams control.

The participants of the conference took a great interest in all the papers presented and repeatedly noted their prospects.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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